Costa Rica Trip Waiver Form

2020 Costa Rica
09/01/2019 - 04/04/2020

Personal Info: Please fill out one waiver per trip participant. Leave "Attendee Count" as 1, do not add a second attendee on this waiver.


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I understand that this work involves a risk of physical injury and often involves hard physical labor, heavy lifting, and other strenuous activity; and that some activities may take place on ladders and buildings other than ground level. I certify that I am in good health and physically able to perform this type of work. I understand that Finish the Wall, Inc. has the right to refuse acceptance of any volunteer.

I understand that I am engaging in this project at my own risk. I assume all risk and responsibility for any damage or injury to my property or any personal injury, which I may sustain while involved in this project, and related medical costs and expenses.

In the event that my supervising organization arranges accommodations, I understand that they are not responsible or liable for my personal effects and property and that they will not provide lock up or security for any items. I will hold them harmless in the event of theft or for loss resulting from any source or cause. I further understand that I am to abide by whatever rules and regulations may be in effect for the accommodations at that time.

I hereby grant permission to Finish The Wall, Inc., at its sole discretion, to publish or otherwise use any photos or videos of me for all legitimate purposes, in any and all of its publications, including website entries, without additional consideration or compensation.

By signing this, I acknowledge that Finish The Wall, Inc. will be registering me with the U.S. Department of State's STEP Program. This program allows for the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate to know that I am traveling in said county in case of an emergency.

By my signature, I release, discharge and forever hold, Finish the Wall, Inc., together with their officers, agents, servants, and employees, harmless from any and all causes of action arising from my participation in this project, and travel or lodging associated therewith, including any damages which may be caused by their negligence.

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