Finish the Wall is headed to Nicaragua in 2018 to complete a church in Santa Matilda, Nicaragua. The church was planted by the leaders of New Song Mission Nicaragua, a ministry Finish the Wall partnered with in 2013. Pastor Walter Varelas and his wife Claudia, lead a church that has been under construction for 8 years, with goals of serving meals to an average of 120 kids, 8 times a week. Programs such as school reinforcement, feeding center, recreation, and education programs, help support their vision to provide a safe place for people to be taught the Word of God.

There will be four teams of 15 people in January and February 2018 to complete:

• The roof structure of the existing facility

• Two multi-purpose classrooms

• Two bathrooms and a kitchen

• The existing storage area and the security wall around the facility.

• The electrical, plumbing, and septic systems.


Trip Weeks:

Team 1: 1/27/18 - 2/3/18 (Full)

Team 2: 2/3/18 - 2/10/18 (Full)

Team 3: 2/10/18 - 2/17/18 (Full)

Team 4: 2/24/18 - 3/3/18 (Full)


If you are unable to travel with us this year, you can still be a part of this! The cost per participant does not include any of the building cost and we cannot build the building if we have no funds! Please consider a gift toward the building fund, toward a participants trip, or both! We cannot do this without you!


Here are some commonly asked questions about the trip.


What do I need to know to go on a Finish the Wall trip?

There are no specific skills required for someone to participate in a FTW project. God brings teams together that have the skills and abilities needed for the tasks at hand on any given week. Here are a few things that participants need to know before they commit to a FTW project:

• Each participant must complete a FTW waiver form.

• Each participant must possess a current passport that is not within 6 months of expiration.

• Each participant is responsible for raising the money for the trip in its entirety.

• Each participant agrees to not use alcohol during the trip.


Watch: FTW “What to Expect” video


Who is in charge and how are materials sourced?

FTW provides a project coordinator who is on-site throughout the duration of the project. This person works closely with the partnering organization and is intimately involved with the planning and details of the project. He will prepare the environment, acquires materials, confirm transportation, and troubleshoots everything before the project begins. There is also a team leader that is assigned to every team that is responsible for communicating with the team prior to the trip, preparing devotionals for the team, and handling the day-to-day details once on the ground. Each team will attend an individual team training meeting and an all-team rally before the project begins.


Watch: FTW Materials Video


What will the food be like?

The trip logistics team determines the need for food and lodging on each trip. Typically, we stay on-site or nearby the project we are working on and our meals are provided by local cooks. We also pack snacks, desserts, Gatorade and other things if we cannot get them in-country.


What about water?

We will assess the needs at each project site and determine whether it is safe to drink the water. If we cannot drink the water we will have bottled water available at all times.


What types of immunizations/medications will we need?

Typically, there are no required immunizations for the countries we work in. We recommend you go to the Center for Disease Control website and search under the appropriate country for information. We encourage you to bring a supply of an antibiotic to take incase of bacterial infection. This helps in case you experience diarrhea during your trip. You can get this from your physician or make an appointment with passport health:


What are the sleeping arrangements?

We will be staying on-site or near the project site. Typically all bed linens are provided but you are free to bring your own sheets and a blanket if you prefer. See packing list for more details. Men and women will have separate sleeping areas.


Will we be able to communicate with family while we are there?

Wi-Fi is usually available for use on each project. It is best to download the whatsapp app on your smartphone so that you can call directly home when connected to wifi. Whatsapp will allow you to text without charge once you are connected to wifi. We will post pictures to the FTW Facebook page regularly throughout the project.


Will we do any sightseeing while we are there?

We will spend half a day on an adventure of some sort. All expenses are covered in the cost of the trip, so you will not need any additional money for that day.


How much luggage can I bring?

You are limited to one suitcase that weighs 50 pounds and one carry-on bag no more than 15 pounds.


Further training will be scheduled for all participants on Finish the Wall trips.

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